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4338B Milliohmmeter, 1 kHz

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This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

Test current levels

  • Low and selectable test signal current: 1uA to 10 mA

Measurement Range / Time

  • Wide measurement range: 10u ohm to 100 k ohm
  • High-speed measurement: 34 ms


  • 1 kHz ac measurement

More Features

  • 10u ohm resolution
  • Contact check function
  • Built-in comparator
  • Auto-measurement mode


The 4338B milliohmmeter is a precise, reliable, high-speed test tool for measurements of low resistance. With five selectable test signal levels (1 uA, 10 uA, 100 uA, 1 mA and 10 mA), the 4338B can provide measurements under the DUT's actual operting conditions.