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E6387A 8935 Nortel CDMA Cell/PCS BS Installation Software

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Keysight Technologies test set and software reduce test time for Nortel Cellular and PCS CDMA base stations. This new software is designed specifically to automate testing for 800 and 1900 MHz Indoor and Outdoor MetroCell, Outdoor 1900 MHz PCS, FCP800, Macro, and C800 CDMA base stations manufactured by Nortel.

The software package is available as Keysight E6387A Nortel Cellular/PCS CDMA base station test software. The Keysight E6387A software package was designed by Keysight Technologies to automate the installation procedure used by Nortel base station installers.

The Keysight E6380A base station test set combines over 20 high performance instruments with an internal controller to automate installation and maintenance testing on analog and digital base stations.

Efficiency benefits:

  • Pre-configures the test set for ease of use with the Nortel equipment when the software package is initiated
  • Automates cable loss, return loss, and RF components loss measurements
  • Provides CDMA utilities such as a PN offset search algorithm, even second clock signal check, and markov check
  • Performs spectral interference evaluation
  • Performs code domain measurements,(rho) measurements
  • Performs RF power sensor verification
  • Performs RX RF path gain verification
  • Performs TX spectral regrowth and adjacent channel power measurements