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E4411-60066 dc Power Cable, 12 V

Product Status: Obsolete | View Service Options
This product is no longer available

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Discontinued product - support information only.

The Keysight E4401-60066 is a power cable designed for use with the Keysight E4411A spectrum analyzer, also known as the ESA-L1500A spectrum analyzer. The E4411A spectrum analyzer in combination with Option A5D (the dc power cable) will allow operation directly from 12 Vdc power sources like automotive and truck batteries. This provides users with automotive-tethered spectrum-analysis capability when ac power is unavailable.

The Keysight E4411A Option A5D dc power cable safety provides 4.1 meters of length with the required interconnections between the Keysight ESA-L1500A and external dc power sources.

  • The E4401-60066 is also known as E4411A Option A5D