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14565A Device Characterization Software

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The Keysight 14565A Device Characterization Software was designed for easy evaluation of Battery Powered Device current profiles to ensure long operating life of devices.

When used with the Keysight Mobile Communications dc Sources (models 66309B/D, 66311B/D, 66312A, 66319B/D, 66321B/D, or 66332A), the 14565A Device Characterization Software measures device current draw. This software provides a graphical user interface to easily control the Keysight Mobile Communications dc Sources and make measurements. By using the advanced capabilities built into the Keysight Mobile Communications dc Source, you spend more time testing and analyzing and less time configuring and reconfiguring multiple pieces of test equipment, such as a current shunt, oscilloscope, current probe, DMM, and datalogger.

When coupled with the 66319B/D or the 66321B/D, the 14565A Device Characterization Software (Option 053) also provides Battery Drain Analysis capabilities. More than just measuring battery run time, Battery Drain Analysis allows you to characterize current out of the battery and make tradeoffs in design that impact the current drain and battery life. With Battery Drain Analysis (Opt. 053 on the 66319B/D, 66321B/D), you can log battery current drain measurements for up to 1,000 hours and perform statistical CCF analysis.

For customers owning A.03.x or A.04.00 versions of the 14565A software, specifically featuring battery drain analysis capability, a revision patch, A.04.04 can be downloaded free of charge from the Software, Firmware & Drivers link below. This release incorporates a number of minor fixes and upgrades to keep your Keysight solution up-to-date and operating at peak performance.

  • Fast and easy test setup
  • Graphical user software with no programming required
  • Digitize and visualize current waveforms
  • Accurately log battery current drain measurements from 10 seconds to 1000 hours at 64,000 measurements per second (66319B/D, 66321B/D only)
  • Test designs simulating different battery states (charged, aged, elevated temperatures, etc.) and chemistries (Ni-Cad to Lithium Polymer)
  • Zoom capability for analyzing waveform anomalies
  • Adjust markers for fast measurements on digitized waveforms
  • Easily document your test results
  • Record test data to files for archive or export data to an Excel spreadsheet or text file
  • For complete details, click on the Product Overview link
  • For a demonstration version of the 14565A Software, click on the Software link