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The Keysight 1173A is a low mass passive probe. As ICs and components continue to shrink in size, probing has become increasingly difficult. Developed for easy connection to fine-pitch ICs, surface mount components and dense circuit boards, the Keysight 1173A low mass passive probe makes the job of probing and connecting less frustrating. With an exceptionally small, light probe tip (<1 gram), these passive probes provide the same high-performance and reliability you've come to expect from Keysight's high-performance passive probes. Add an ultra-thin, flexible cable, and the Keysight 1173A probe is not only easy to connect, it stay put on the test point.

You'd think a probe this small would be hard to hold, but the Keysight 1173A plugs in to a browser accessory that makes it as easy to hold as a conventional probe. This patented browser concept utilizes a crown point pogo pin that digs in to solder and absorbs small hand movement, so doesn't slip.

When used in conjunction with the Keysight Wedge, the Keysight 1173A provide a reliable hands-free solution for probing 0.5 mm and 0.65 mm IC packages and the probe tip also connects directly to board headers.

  • Easy to connect, easy to hold
  • Low capacitive loading
  • Complements your standard passive probe
  • For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link.