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11053A Low Thermal EMF Lug-to-Lug Jumper Set

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight 11053A is a low thermal EMF lug-to-lug jumper set. These low thermal jumper cables minimize thermal errors so accurate low voltage measurements can be made. Each set includes 2 test leads (one black and one red).

The Keysight 11053A is compatible with the Keysight 3458A multimeter.The 11053A should not be used with the Keysight 34420A; the Keysight 34102 low thermal Input cable should be used instead.

  • Maximum voltage: 1000 V dc
  • Maximum current: 20 A
  • Termination: high conductivity ETP copper spade lugs
  • Wire: #12 AWG bare copper with polyethylene insulation
  • Length: 1.2 meters (48 inches)