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10790B Receiver Cable (10 m)

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The Keysight 10790B 10-meter receiver cable connects the Keysight 10780C/F receiver to the following measurement electronics: the Keysight 10895A laser axis board for VMEbus and the Keysight 5527B laser positioning transducer system, including the Keysight 10932B, the Keysight 10934A, and the Keysight 10936B.

As a component of the Keysight laser positioning system, the cable is designed for quick and accurate installation. The Keysight 10790B cable connectors, identical on either end, and the connectors on the receiver and Keysight electronics are keyed to go together only one way. Keysight laser positioning systems, utilizing high-quality components, increase manufacturing consistency, improve product quality and reliability, and allow the production of precision products.