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10786A Carrying Case

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This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


The Keysight 10786A carrying case is a sturdy container available separately or with the Keysight 55280A Linear Measurement Kit. The transit case protects the Keysight 55280A optical equipment from shock, vibration, moisture, impact, and contamination to provide a secure enclosure for shipping, or for transport between operating locations.

The Keysight 10786A Case is compression-molded from a glass fiber reinforced composite material (FRP) that is lighter than aluminum and provides excellent strength and durability. Interior foam cushions offer shock and vibration damping for the Keysight 55280A kit components (Keysight 10766A Linear Interferometer, two Keysight 10767A Linear Retroreflectors; two Keysight 10784A Bases, and three Keysight 10785A Height Adjustor/Posts mounting hardware).

The transit case safeguards the equipment from all but the most abusive treatment.