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PXI Signal Generators (Signal Sources)

Break the speed barrier
  • Accelerate test throughput with fast, high-quality measurements optimized for RF or microwave design validation & manufacturing test
  • Increase test configuration flexibility with a PXI platform and license key upgrades
  • Reduce development time with easy integration of drivers and programming examples into test environments

AUD 41,643 Starting Price*

Uncompromising signal quality in a compact, modular form-factor

  • Future-ready, PXI instruments for high-speed automated test
  • Vector and analog (CW) signal generator models built on PXI platform
  • Frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 3, 6, 14, 20, 31.8 or 44 GHz
  • RF modulation bandwidth up to 1 GHz with ± 0.3 dB flatness
  • Fast amplitude and frequency switching, and versatile list mode

Compare Products

Product Frequency Options Performance Level Phase Noise @1 GHz (20 kHz offset) Frequency Switching (Typical) IQ Modulation BW Internal/External Typical Price*
M9410A VXT PXI Vector Transceiver, 300/600/1200 MHz Bandwidth
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
M9411A VXT PXI Vector Transceiver
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
M9415A VXT PXI Vector Transceiver, 380 MHz to 6/8/12 GHz
6, 8, 12 GHz n/a n/a n/a n/a
M9420A VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver
3.8, 6 GHz ◆◆◆◇◇◇ n/a n/a n/a AUD 68,984
M9421A VXT PXIe Vector Transceiver
3.8, 6 GHz ◆◆◆◇◇◇ n/a n/a n/a AUD 68,984
M9380A PXIe CW Source, 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
3, 6 GHz ◆◆◇◇◇◇ n/a n/a n/a AUD 41,643
M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator: 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
3, 6 GHz ◆◆◆◆◇◇ n/a n/a 160 MHz
M9383A PXIe Microwave Signal Generator, 1 MHz to 44 GHz
14, 20, 31.8, 44 GHz ◆◆◆◆◆◇ n/a n/a 1 GHz to 2 GHz AUD 42,619

Software for this Series

 PathWave Signal Generation
PathWave Signal Generation
  • Signal creation software with waveform playback and real-time signal creation capabilities
  • Component and receiver test for a broad range of applications across evolving wireless systems
  • Scalable capability and performance

Accessories for this Series

M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller
M9037A PXIe High Performance Embedded Controller
  • Intel i7-4700EQ 2.4 GHz processor
  • Front removable 240 GB solid state drive
  • Up to 16 GB RAM Memory

* Prices for: Australia. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). Prices shown are exclusive of GST.