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Generators, Sources, Supplies

  • Signal Generators (Signal Sources) Signal Generators (Signal Sources) 

    Signal Generators (Signal Sources)

    Keysight offers numerous baseband, RF, and microwave signal generator (signal source) products. From basic to advanced, baseband to 67 GHz, Keysight signal generators are capable of frequency extensions to 500 GHz with millimeter-wave source modules.

  • Function Generator / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Function Generator / Arbitrary Waveform Generator 

    Function Generator / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    Function generators & arbitrary waveform generators, 10, 15, 20, 30, 80 & 500 MHz...

  • Pulse Generator Products Pulse Generator Products 

    Pulse Generator Products

    • Most comprehensive portfolio in the industry
    • For all products concerning digital & analog waveforms and data signals
    • Frequency range: 1 mHz to 12.5 Gb/s
    • Output amplitude range: 50 mV to 100 V

  • Data Generators & Analyzers Data Generators & Analyzers 

    Data Generators & Analyzers

    Data Generators & Analyzers, test fixture, accessories...

  • DC Power Supplies DC Power Supplies 

    DC Power Supplies

    Power Supply Overview: Single- & multiple-output DC power supplies, system power supplies, solar array simulators. Keysight has the DC power supply to meet your needs.

  • Source Measure Units Source Measure Units 

    Source Measure Units

    A wide range of SMU products categorized into four areas:

    • Precision
    • Application Specific
    • General-Purpose
    • Basic

  • DC Electronic Loads DC Electronic Loads 

    DC Electronic Loads

    Single input electronic loads, load mainframes, fuel cell test solutions...

  • AC Power Sources AC Power Sources 

    AC Power Sources

    Keysight offers two families of AC power sources up to 4000 VA to meet your AC test challenges – from basic to higher performance.