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Additional Products

  • Wireless Network Emulators Wireless Network Emulators 

    Wireless Network Emulators

    • For automating testing of all major cellular technologies, WiMAX™, and Bluetooth®/WLAN devices
    • Hardware and software solutions tailored for device designers and manufacturers
    • Combines measurement speed and accuracy with exceptional flexibility

  • Channel Emulators Channel Emulators 

    Channel Emulators

    • Simulate real-world radio channel conditions in the lab
    • Enhance end-users’ experience with the most realistic propagation environment
    • Emulate radio channel characteristics including path loss, multi-path fading, Doppler spread and polarization

  • Nemo Wireless Network Solutions Nemo Wireless Network Solutions 

    Nemo Wireless Network Solutions

    • Nemo network RF measurement tools for all stages of wireless network lifecycle
    • For network rollout, optimization and network benchmarking
    • For network monitoring and control
    • For network data post-processing and analytics

  • In-circuit Test Systems In-circuit Test Systems 

    In-circuit Test Systems

    Keysight in-circuit test (ICT) system - 3070 ICT, bring you technology for tomorrow's board test challenges.

  • Application-Specific Test Systems & Components Application-Specific Test Systems & Components 

    Application-Specific Test Systems & Components

    Test and measurement software, preconfigured test systems…

  • Customized Product Solutions Customized Product Solutions 

    Customized Product Solutions

    We rapidly design innovative customized solutions for most test & measurement products.

  • Parametric Test Solutions Parametric Test Solutions 

    Parametric Test Solutions

    The fastest and industry-proven semiconductor parametric test solution that reduces Time-to-Market and lowers Cost-of-Test.

  • RF & Microwave Test Accessories RF & Microwave Test Accessories 

    RF & Microwave Test Accessories

    • Switches, mixers, amplifiers, attenuators, adapters and more
    • Guaranteed accurate and repeatable results
    • Unmatched quality and reliability

  • Photonic Test & Measurement Products Photonic Test & Measurement Products 

    Photonic Test & Measurement Products

    Active & passive optical device test, modulation measurements, time-error measurements, accessories...

  • Atomic Force Microscopes and Scanning Electron Microscopes Atomic Force Microscopes and Scanning Electron Microscopes 

    Atomic Force Microscopes and Scanning Electron Microscopes

    Powerful tools for nanoscale materials analysis

  • Laser Interferometers & Calibration Systems Laser Interferometers & Calibration Systems 

    Laser Interferometers & Calibration Systems

  • Monolithic Laser Combiners & Precision Optics Monolithic Laser Combiners & Precision Optics 

    Monolithic Laser Combiners & Precision Optics

  • MMIC Millimeter-Wave & Microwave Devices MMIC Millimeter-Wave & Microwave Devices 

    MMIC Millimeter-Wave & Microwave Devices

    MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) Millimeter-wave and microwave integrated circuits and diodes offer superior performance for a wide range of DC to 50 GHz RF and 10 Gb/s telecom applications.

  • Accessories Accessories 


    Accessories for Keysight oscillosopes, network analyzers, signal generators,,and more

  • Ixia Products Ixia Products 

    Ixia Products