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5G NR Systems and Fundamentals eLearning Program

Available in the US and select countries. Contact us to check for availability.

Ensure maximum optimization of your Keysight Instruments

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills your engineers and technicians need to implement new technologies faster
  • Get one year’s unlimited access to highly valuable, professionally developed training material
  • Take advantage of case studies and exercises, learn at your own pace and focus only on the topics you are interested in

What you will learn?

Build a strong foundation and understanding of the 5G NR network, air interface, and signaling protocols to get the most productivity and value from Keysight 5G measurement solutions.

It is also helpful for all 5G engineers and technicians to understand 5G networks and how devices interact with the network. You will learn more about:

  • Deployment modes and options, and Dual Connectivity
  • Network architecture, including network nodes and their functions, as well as cloud-based network slicing
  • Air interface from waveforms and frequencies, plus new improvements such as flexible numerology and beamforming
  • Network protocols on layers 2 and 3, as well as security and mobility management

Who should attend?

5G wireless engineers, technicians, and engineering students who develop and test 5G-enabled chipsets, devices, and network elements, or deploy and operate 5G networks.

  • A prior knowledge of LTE systems and air interface is preferred

Delivery Method

To save you time and money, this course is delivered via state-of-the-art self-paced eLearning professionally developed by the Keysight experts.


eLearning Module What you will learn Duration Price
5G System Evolution
  • Evolution of 5G
  • Introduction to 5G
  • 5G – LTE Comparison
  • Key Telecom Concepts in 5G
1 Hr -
5G Network Architecture and Functionality
  • SA and NSA Modes and Options
  • Network Architecture
  • Network Nodes
  • Dual Connectivity
1.5 Hrs -
5G Air Interface
  • Multiple Access
  • Scalable Numerology
  • Frame Structure
  • Bandwidth Part
  • UL and DL Channels
  • Side Link Channels
  • Beamforming and MIMO
  • Initial Access and Power Control
  • Carrier Aggregation
3 Hrs
5G Protocols
  • MAC, RLC, and PDCP
  • SDAP and RRC
  • Mobility and Security
2 Hrs -
  •  The means to achieve the 5G objectives
0.5 Hr $3,500

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