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Anite Wireless Solutions

Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s acquisition of Anite plc – a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions for wireless research, development and deployment -- pairs Keysight’s expertise in electronic hardware design with Anite’s leadership in wireless software to provide a complete range of solutions from device design and validation to network test.

With the addition of the Anite portfolio, Keysight achieves increased capability for testing devices, infrastructure and networks for global customers including major manufacturers of mobile devices, chipsets and network equipment, mobile network operators, regulatory authorities and independent test houses.

Both Anite's Device & Infrastructure and Network Testing businesses are now conducting business as Keysight.

Anite Device & Infrastructure Testing -- Anite’s wireless testing solutions accelerate development and market introduction of chipsets, devices and network infrastructure.
Anite’s Device & Infrastructure business is represented within Keysight’s Wireless Network Emulators Solutions. These offerings provide specialist laboratory-based solutions -- hardware and software -- to simulate wireless mobile network functionality and real-world radio conditions. This enables chipset, device and network equipment manufacturers, and mobile network operators to reduce costs and time-to-market by testing and improving products throughout the development process.

Anite Network Testing -- Anite’s technology enables testing of wireless networks to ensure quality of end user experience.
Anite’s Network Testing Nemo branded solutions are represented within Keysight's Nemo Wireless Network Solutions. These offerings enable live mobile network testing, including identification of anomalies in the radio network, with a wide range of devices to ensure subscribers are able to send and receive telephone calls and use data services and applications. This allows network operators, equipment manufacturers, service providers and regulatory authorities to measure, analyze and optimize network coverage and quality.

  • Anite SAS Interoperability Testing Anite SAS Interoperability Testing 

    Anite SAS Interoperability Testing

    • Easy-to-use network simulator solution
    • Testing of devices in the integration, interoperability testing and carrier acceptance testing phases
    • Comprehensive performance testing solution

  • Anite Conformance Toolset Anite Conformance Toolset 

    Anite Conformance Toolset

    • Easy-to-use conformance test solution
    • Protocol testing of mobile devices to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards
    • Comprehensive campaign management and analysis tools

  • Anite Development Toolset Anite Development Toolset 

    Anite Development Toolset

    • Supports all phases of wireless terminal development from pre-silicon protocol module development to verification
    • Supports an extensive LTE/LTE-Advanced technology roadmap including early 5G specifications

  • Anite Application Testing Anite Application Testing 

    Anite Application Testing

    • Comprehensive support for IMS LTE test plans mandated by major mobile operators, GCF and PTCRB
    • Reliable, intuitive and feature rich software

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