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Integrated Photonics Test Products

Keysight provides test solutions for fast and efficient integrated and silicon photonics wafer and chip level test consisting of:

- Wavelength and polarization dependent optical and electro-optical measurements from 1240-1640nm with

- High frequency electro-optics measurements up to 110GHz with

- Wafer probing with FormFactor Silicon Photonics CM300xi probe station 

- Test Automation with:


  • KS8400A PathWave Test Automation KS8400A PathWave Test Automation 

    KS8400A PathWave Test Automation

    • Powerful, flexible and extensible test sequencer software.
    • Timing analyzer helps optimize test plan speed.
    • Result Viewer helps visualize, compare and analyze test plan data
    • Editor simplifies test plan creation and troubleshooting

  • Photonic Application Suite Photonic Application Suite 

    Photonic Application Suite

    The Keysight Photonic Application Suite is a collection of advanced and basic software tools for automating optical measurements and analysis, especially for determining wavelength and polarization dependence of fiber optic network components.

  • N4370P01A LCA TAP Plug-In N4370P01A LCA TAP Plug-In 

    N4370P01A LCA TAP Plug-In

    • Test steps for devices with either single-ended or balanced RF ports 
    • Clear step configurations for measurement settings, calibration and de-embedding
    • Template for result display in TAP Result Viewer 

  • N7700210C Wafer Prober TAP Plug-In N7700210C Wafer Prober TAP Plug-In 

    N7700210C Wafer Prober TAP Plug-In

    • Easily integrate wafer prober control within TAP test sequences
    • Automated device stepping, optical and electrical probe positioning and alignment
    • Supporting array / single fiber probes, edge and surface coupling, RF/DC probes

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