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WLAN Device Testing

Keysight offers a comprehensive range of Wireless LAN device and access point test solutions that spans the R&D and manufacturing workflow. The solutions are built around a common set of hardware and software components to connect and streamline your product commercialization process.

Keysight WLAN device test solutions support the latest 802.11 variants, including Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), 802.11ad/ay and support RF calibration and verification test, high order MIMO analysis, and fast-sequenced measurements for high throughput test applications.

Explore Keysight’s comprehensive range of WLAN device test solutions and platforms via the links below.

  • 802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution 802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution 

    802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution

    • System combines RF and analog baseband inputs and outputs for RFIC test
    • Excellent EVM performance for device characterization
    • 802.11ax WLAN signal generation and analysis software

  • 802.11ax MIMO Test Solution 802.11ax MIMO Test Solution 

    802.11ax MIMO Test Solution

    • Up to 8x8 MIMO testing for design validation
    • Meets stringent EVM test requirements
    • 802.11ax WLAN signal generation and analysis software

  • 802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions 802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions 

    802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions

    • Multi-device or MIMO testing up to 8 channels
    • Choose the performance you need from EXM or VXT
    • Software for manufacturing test

  • S8780A Wireless Device Solution S8780A Wireless Device Solution 

    S8780A Wireless Device Solution

    • Look to the future with a wideband test solution for Wi-Fi 6E and 802.11be devices
    • Maximize throughput with 32 ports for multiple AP or STA
    • Simplify Wi-Fi 6E test with an easy-to-use solution covering 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz
    • Verify WLAN/5G CPE

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