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Device Manufacturing Testing

As the wireless industry races from 4G to 5G devices, Keysight is enabling the market leaders across the connected ecosystem to accelerate their go to market plans by offering a comprehensive range of industry first workflow solutions spanning device development, acceptance, manufacturing and deployment.

Keysight 5G NR FR1 and FR2 device manufacturing test solutions are based on cost-effective, scalable, industry-proven non-signaling hardware platforms with ultra-fast automated test sequencing to calibrate and verify multiple devices in parallel. Keysight’s non-signaling manufacturing solution portfolio features PathWave software designed to streamline your ramp from pilot to high volume manufacturing and bring new high quality 5G devices to market faster.

Explore Keysight’s comprehensive range of device manufacturing test solutions and platforms via the links below.

  • Device Manufacturing Test Solutions Device Manufacturing Test Solutions 

    Device Manufacturing Test Solutions

    • Comprehensive coverage from latest cellular technologies (5G, LTE-A) to wireless connectivity formats including WLAN and Bluetooth
    • State-of-the-art technologies to achieve production goals with multi-DUT testing

  • Device Manufacturing Test Platforms Device Manufacturing Test Platforms 

    Device Manufacturing Test Platforms

    • Industry-proven platform for multi-device and multi-format non-signaling manufacturing test in a single compact configuration
    • Efficient verification of chipsets RF performance

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