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802.11ax Solutions for MIMO, Manufacturing, and BBIQ Test

802.11ax is the next-generation WLAN standard with a promise to add significantly higher efficiency, capacity and coverage for a better user experience, especially for dense deployment scenarios in both indoor and outdoor environments. 802.11ax, also known as High Efficiency (HE) WLAN, builds upon 802.11ac. However, unlike 802.11ac, it operates in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and employs advanced technology building blocks such as OFDMA for high efficiency, 8x8 MU-MIMO for high capacity in both uplink and downlink directions, and uplink scheduling for increased capacity, efficiency and better user experience. 802.11ax uses FFT sizes that are four times larger than 802.11ac, with four times more subcarriers. Subcarrier spacing is 78.125 kHz, 25% of the 312.5 kHz in 802.11ac. Other technologies, such as 1024QAM modulation, are used to improve throughput.

The smaller subcarrier spacing and 1024QAM modulation require better phase noise and EVM performance in 802.11ax devices, as well as in the test equipment used to verify the performance. Validation of downlink and uplink OFDMA and MU-MIMO requires the generation and analysis of a variety of different packet types. Keysight’s 802.11ax solutions include modular hardware for MIMO testing, and comprehensive Signal Studio and modulation analysis software for signal generation and analysis. The Propsim channel emulator enables testing access point and client performance under various multipath fading and moving scenarios. For protocol and network performance testing, the Ixia IxVeriWave platform  provides comprehensive access point and network testing from the physical layer to the application layer.

  • 802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution 802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution 

    802.11ax Analog Baseband IQ Test Solution

    • System combines RF and analog baseband inputs and outputs for RFIC test
    • Excellent EVM performance for device characterization
    • 802.11ax WLAN signal generation and analysis software

  • 802.11ax MIMO Test Solution 802.11ax MIMO Test Solution 

    802.11ax MIMO Test Solution

    • Up to 8x8 MIMO testing for design validation
    • Meets stringent EVM test requirements
    • 802.11ax WLAN signal generation and analysis software

  • 802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions 802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions 

    802.11ax Manufacturing Test Solutions

    • Multi-device or MIMO testing up to 8 channels
    • Choose the performance you need from EXM or VXT
    • Software for manufacturing test