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Radio Test Solutions

Choosing the Radio Test Solution that meets your needs

As you seek solutions to evolving test challenges, Keysight Radio Test Solutions provide the right combination of hardware, software, and measurement expertise through extremely flexible systems that you customize with programming examples – which are highly optimized for specific radio test applications or with our turn-key radio centric interface on the M8920A Radio Test Solution. As we continue to innovate in PXI Radio Test Solutions, our goal is to help you accelerate time-to-market and achieve a lower cost of test.

Keysight Radio Test Solutions:

  • Increase confidence in solving your test challenges
  • Enable quick evaluation of the test solution’s performance & capability for a specific radio application
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to integrate a new test system into a test environment
  • Leverage Keysight’s measurement expertise and software for specific application requirements

In specialized applications, Keysight and our Solutions Partners are ready to work with you to define and integrate your next-generation Radio Test Solution.

The PXI based solutions described below have been designed to test, and leverage modular scalability, footprint and performance. Keysight’s Radio Test Solutions can easily be customized to meet your unique testing needs. We also have a new integrated radio centric UI on our M8920A Radio Test Solution for easy user control of multiple instruments at the same time while monitoring various measurements on the same screen. This new N9093A Radio Test Software Application is based on simple measurement setups and customizable views with our multi-touch user interface.

Get results you can trust based on proven measurement science and a commitment to measurement integrity, whether you are optimizing your test for performance or throughput

  • M8920A Radio Test Set M8920A Radio Test Set 

    M8920A Radio Test Set

    Keysight’s M8920A Radio Test Set supports many formats by combining PXI hardware with application-specific software in a single flexible and scalable chassis, providing broad multi-format coverage for next-generation radio testing.

  • N9093 Radio Test Software N9093 Radio Test Software 

    N9093 Radio Test Software

    • Accelerate time to market by quickly characterizing analog/digital modulation qualities
    • Simplify troubleshooting with multi-measurement instrument screen
    • Optimize modulation analysis with a selection of detectors and filters