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Loan Pool Services

Your Challenge:

To decrease the cost of test.

Typical Resolution:

Use older equipment and stockpile under-utilized test assets.

Consider a Better Way:

Loan and share test assets through a central pool of your under-used test assets and identify instruments for trade-in, upgrade, or disposal.


  • Avoid CapEx spending on test assets by optimizing, standardizing, or sharing across R&D labs and manufacturing operations.
  • Eliminate aging or underutilized equipment and reduce OpEx costs for maintenance, taxes, insurance, and overhead.
  • Leverage the residual market value of aging instruments through trade-in, upgrade, and disposal.
  • Optimize rental-versus-purchase strategies (OpEx vs. CapEx) through loan pools that can link to your preferred rental company.
  • Fund new test technologies with value captured from underutilized assets.

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Test Asset Optimization Services - Loan Pool Services - Brochure
Let our professional services team and PathWave Asset Advisor - Loan Pool application manage your asset pool to reduce capital expenses and drive utilization improvements.

Brochure 2018-02-06