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Utilization and Health Services

Your Challenge:

Measure the usage and physical condition of individual test assets.

Typical Resolution:

A manual process that often takes weeks to months to identify assets around the globe that have the correct capability and availability.

Consider a Better Way:

Monitor true utilization and health data based on advanced machine-learning to increase test asset usage and decrease cost of test (CapEx and OpEx).


  • Increase utilization of your tests assets across users, programs, and departments.
  • Identify unhealthy instruments and remedy the situation before it causes broader problems.
  • Improve procurement strategies with centralized management of test assets across your enterprise.
  • Decrease total cost of test (CapEx and OpEx) by optimizing test-asset usage and procurement strategies
  • Fund new technology investments with value captured from underutilized assets.

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Test Asset Optimization Services - Utilization and Health Services - Brochure
Let our professional services team and PathWave Asset Advisor - Utilization and Health application drive down your cost of test.

Brochure 2018-02-06