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Track and Control Services

Your Challenge

Maintaining visibility to thousands of assets: Where are they? Who has them? Are they in good working order? Are they in use?

Typical Resolution

Dedicate time and labor to manually inventory and assess each physical asset. This takes weeks to months to complete every year.

Consider a Better Way

Follow a disciplined process to document and manage all your test assets. Use active and passive technologies to locate individual units and sustain their compliance and availability.


  • Keep track of all your multi-brand test assets across labs, locations, and users.
  • Reduce time spent on physical inventory counts and compliance audits.
  • Easily track the movement of crucial instruments using active and passive technologies.
  • Improve the productivity of your engineering teams with fast access to compliant assets.
  • Avoid write-offs of lost assets with accurate inventory-tracking systems and processes.

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Test Asset Optimization Services - Track and Control Services - Brochure
Let our professional services team and PathWave Asset Advisor - Track and Control application build your true asset profile, so you can quickly identify all your assets by location and user.

Brochure 2018-02-06

Test Asset Optimization Services, Power Line Utilization Module (PLUM) - Brochure
A Power Line Utilization Module (PLUM) is a device used to monitor the utilization and health parameters of an instrument in real time. Data trends recorded in the Asset Advisor application.

Brochure 2018-01-30