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Device Modeling Services

Missing a market window due to poor device modeling of a process technology node will cost your team millions of dollars. Device modeling is a significant challenge, requiring combined expertise in disparate areas such as:

  • low leakage DC measurements with pA accuracy
  • highly sensitive RF measurements to 100 GHz and beyond
  • wafer probing methodologies – RF, DC, probe card, etc.
  • the latest advances in device models – BSIMCMG, HiSIM_HV, etc.
  • model extractions using IC-CAP or Model Builder Program
  • guaranteeing that models will simulate OK on all simulation platforms
  • designing on-wafer test structures to expose process parameters
  • understanding and modeling the variation of device parameters within a process and across the wafer
  • measuring and predicting device reliability
  • refining model libraries provided by foundries
  • comparing devices from different foundries using existing models
  • measurement automation software and data handling

Fortunately, we at Keysight Technologies understand these concerns and have assisted numerous large companies in navigating device modeling challenges. We have provided services for advanced devices based on a long history of working with DC, RF & microwave measurements and model parameter extraction. For both SPICE model parameter extraction and for device modeling training and customization, we can help you get your devices to market faster and with better confidence in your measurement data and models. With device modeling centers around the world and partnerships with universities, we look forward to assisting you with the most challenging requirements.

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Related Software Products

  • no image available Device Modeling Products 

    Device Modeling Products

    • IC-CAP Device Modeling Software
    • Model Builder Program (MBP) Software
    • Model Quality Assurance (MQA) Software
    • WaferPro Express
    • Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (A-LFNA)

  • IC-CAP Device Modeling Software 

    IC-CAP Device Modeling Software

    • Industry standard for DC & RF semiconductor device modeling
    • Extracts accurate compact models used in high speed/digital, analog and power RF applications
    • Turnkey extraction solutions for industry standard CMOS models

  • Model Builder Program (MBP) 

    Model Builder Program (MBP)

    • Built-in SPICE engine for fast simulation
    • Automated extraction packages for industry standard models
    • Turnkey solutions for specialty modeling
    • Full support of hierarchical, complex foundry libraries 

  • Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 

    Model Quality Assurance (MQA)

    • Complete QA flow on one platform
    • One common language (i.e. rule file) for all simulators
    • Comprehensive checking routines and simulators support
    • Automated and flexible reporting functions

  • no image available WaferPro Express 

    WaferPro Express

    • Performs automated wafer-level measurements of semiconductor devices
    • Provides turnkey drivers and test routines
    • Key software component of Wafer-level Measurement Solution, a joint partnership program with Cascade Microtech

Related Products & Solutions

  • W8511BP E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer 

    E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer

    • Automate 1/f, RTN and DC measurements with WaferPro Express
    • Built-in routines for devices: BJT, FET, Diode, Resistor, Circuit
    • Industry-leading noise sensitivity (-183 dBV2/Hz) at high voltages (±200 V) to ultralow frequencies (0.03 Hz)