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Nemo Wireless Network Solutions

Keysight’s Nemo (Network Mobility) RF Network solutions enable our customers to better and more cost effectively optimize and automate their processes and wireless networks.

Improve your operational efficiency with Nemo RF network solution

Increased automation and streamlined processes enable customers to execute more with less resources. Our solutions help our customers to improve OPEX and project delivery efficiency with test, analytics and acceptance workflow automation. We help our customers to focus on their core competency and project delivery.

Aligning your test & measurement investment to scale with your business growth

Our flexible and scalable business models and delivery mechanisms like SaaS, enable our customers to improve cash flow management and reduce business risk exposure by aligning their investments to scale with the project and business growth. This brings flexibility when working with CAPEX and OPEX.

End-to-end information flow with Nemo tools

Nemo tools provide a unique end-to-end information flow in measurement analytics. Our products enable a smooth information flow from collection of measurement data through to post-processing and analysis. Our cloud based solution ties all together with real-time monitoring and management of the measurement and analytics fleet of products.

Nemo tools can be used in all stages of the wireless network lifecycle:

  • Network rollout and optimization
    - Nemo Outdoor for drive testing
    - Nemo Handy for handheld measurements
    - Nemo FSR1 scanner for frequency scanning
  • Network benchmarking
    - Nemo Intelligent Device Interface for 5G NR drive testing and benchmarking
    - Nemo Invex II for enterprise-level benchmarking of wireless operators
    - Nemo Walker Air for in-building benchmarking of wireless operators
  • Network monitoring and control
    Nemo IoT Meter for handheld NB-IoT and LTE-M network coverage verification
    - Nemo Customer Experience Monitor for wireless network monitoring
    - Nemo Autonomous Probe for un-attended measurements
    - Nemo Cloud connects Nemo products into one powerful remote access and control solution
  • Network data post-processing and analytics
    Nemo Analyze for post-processing and analytics for Nemo tools
    - Nemo WindCatcher for post-processing and analytics of data from multiple data collection vendors

Nemo RF Network solutions support all the latest Nemo technologies e.g. five carrier LTE-A aggregation, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and 5G NR. Nemo RF network solutions support all the legacy 3GPP technologies like 2G, 3G and LTE-A. Nemo solutions provide easy to use and effective measurements for Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Video over LTE (ViLTE), Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), Five Carrier Aggregation (CA), NB-IoT, LTE-M and brand new 5G NR access. Keysight’s Nemo 5G measurement solution provides a complete measurement system for sub 6 GHz and millimeter wave (mm-wave) propagation.

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Nemo WindCatcher - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo WindCatcher.

Brochure 2020-08-27

Nemo Cloud - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Cloud.

Brochure 2020-07-01

Nemo Walker Air - Brochure
Nemo Walker Air is solution for performing indoor measurements and benchmarking.

Brochure 2020-06-20

Nemo Handy - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Handy.

Brochure 2020-06-16

Nemo Outdoor - Brochure
This brochure introduces the key features and benefits of Nemo Outdoor

Brochure 2020-06-15

Nemo Analyze - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Analyze

Brochure 2020-02-12

Benchmark 5G Devices in the Lab
S8710A 5G Device Benchmarking Toolset enables standardized lab-based end-to-end automation of 5G device benchmarking with a predefined set of test cases, customizable scripts, and extensive reports.

Demo 2020-02-11

Nemo 5G Device Analytics - Flyer

Brochure 2020-02-06

S8710A Device Benchmarking Toolset - Technical Overview

Technical Overview 2020-02-05

5G NR Field Measurements – Beam Footprints Visualized in 3D
Keysight's 3D Visualizer is used to display 5G NR beams in a 3D environment to view which real-world elements are blocking the signal and degrading the network quality.

Demo 2019-11-14

Nemo Outdoor - Field Testing with 12 Mobile Devices
Keysight’s Nemo Outdoor supports field measurements with up to 12 mobile devices simultaneously.

Demo 2019-11-11

Understand the quality and performance of your live 5G NR network with Keysight’s Nemo solutions
Keysight provides handheld and drive test measurement solutions for all possible 5G NR use cases.

Demo 2019-10-29

3D Visualization of 5G NR Beams and KPIs
With Keysight's 3D Visualizer you can view 5G NR beams and KPIs on a 3D map.

Demo 2019-08-21

Nemo Invex II - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Invex II

Brochure 2019-08-20

Live 5G NR Measurements in New York with Nemo Handy
Using Keysight’s handheld measurement solution Nemo Handy to measure and analyze a live 5G NR network in New York.

Demo 2019-08-14

Taking 5G Network Testing to Another Level with Nemo Handy and Nokia Drone
The 5G NR support in Nemo Handy enables mobile network operators and network vendors to test the advanced features and performance of 5G NR networks both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces.

Demo 2019-07-16

Nemo Handy Running on Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Mobile Device
The 5G NR support in Nemo Handy enables operators and network vendors to test the advanced features and performance of 5G NR networks, for example, in busy and crowded indoor spaces.

Demo 2019-06-28

NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 Field Measurements and SLA Verification - Application Note
This application note introduces new Cellular IoT (CIoT) technologies and describes the importance of NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M1 field testing and SLA verification.

Application Note 2019-05-16

5G NR drive testing and benchmarking with Nemo Intelligent Device Interface
Nemo Intelligent Device Interface is a new device control solution for QoS and QoE measurements. It enables the benchmarking and drive testing of all cellular technologies ranging from legacy 2G to 5G NR and is easily expandable from a single handheld unit to a large-scale benchmarking system.

Demo 2019-02-20

Nemo Intelligent Device Interface - Brochure
Nemo Intelligent Device Interface brochure.

Brochure 2019-02-13

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE

Brochure 2019-02-07

Nemo Handy is Ready for 5G NR
First 5G NR measurements performed with Nemo Handy running on Qualcomm X50 5G NR test terminal.

Demo 2019-02-05

5G NR Field Measurements with Nemo Outdoor and Qualcomm X50 Modem
5G NR field measurement results with Nemo Outdoor being connected to Qualcomm X50 5G NR test terminal. Detailed run-through of analyzing 4G and 5G network data simultaneously.

Demo 2019-02-05

5G NR Drive Test in Elisa Network
5G NR coverage measurements help to understand the differences between 5G NR and 4G deployments and the impact of having both technologies on the same sites. Elisa is a leader in the implementation of 5G NR in Finland and Estonia. Together with Keysight, Elisa conducts early 5G NR field measurements.

Demo 2019-01-19

5G NR Beam Coverage and Quality Field Measurement with Nemo Solutions
Using Keysight Nemo 5G scanner solutions to measure and analyze coverage and quality of 5G NR beams in real field conditions.

Demo 2018-12-03

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