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PROPSIM Channel Emulation Device MIMO OTA Testing

Sub-6GHz Device MIMO OTA testing

Verified MIMO performance significantly improves network optimization and quality of service for mobile device users. Keysight’s PROPSIM Channel Emulation Device MIMO OTA Testing Solution supports performance comparisons between off-the-shelf mobile devices under real-world conditions in a laboratory environment.

  • First to market with commercial PROPSIM MIMO OTA LTE solution in 2008 
  • CTIA, CCSA, 3GPP and mobile operators (LTE) mandate MIMO OTA test plans
  • 3GPP NR MIMO OTA Rel16 work item targets extended test plans to cover 5G MIMO device validation
  • First to market with integrated network and channel emulation solution for 4G and 5G device MIMO OTA testing
  • Keysight’s channel emulation device MIMO OTA test solutions combines with MPAC, RTS and reverberation chambers for comprehensive OTA testing

Device MIMO OTA Test Solution leverages Keysight’s UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform (E7515B) and PROPSIM FS16 (F8820A) Channel Emulator

Accelerate device assessment with quick test execution

PROPSIM FAST-OTA capability supports a 12x faster test execution time compared to any other commercial solution on the market. Scalable from a single cluster to full 3D, it supports a configuration of 8 or 16 dual polarized antennas to create a multi-probe environment around the device under test.

5G NR mmWave deployments rely on full mobility support and 3D beamforming at the base station and on the mobile device. RF propagation condition at mmWave frequencies is much more challenging compared to sub-6GHz frequencies due to high blocking.

Keysight’s mmWave device multi-beam MIMO OTA R&D test tools enable users to validate mmWave mobile devices prior to deployment, supporting:

  • Device MIMO OTA data performance testing under spatial fading channel conditions
  • Device Multi-beam MIMO OTA testing under clean and fading channel
  • Validated test tools for 5G NR mmWave device testing





Keysight’s mmWave device multi-beam MIMO OTA R&D test solution offers integrated solution for mmWave access

Solution supports:

  • Clean and fading channel for beam management test
  • Compatibility with current REL16 MIMO OTA version
  • 3GPP Release 15, NSA FR2 + LTE
  • FR2 bands 28GHz/39GHz/43GHz
  • All 5G NR Carrier BWs up to 400MHz
  • 5G NR CA up to 8CC contiguous, LTE up to 5CC 4x4
  • Cable Replacement fading conditions (TDL-A, B, C)
  • Spatial fading channel conditions (3GPP 38.901 CDL-A, B, C)
  • Blocking models

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