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Channel Emulators

Keysight’s PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions enable realistic real-time performance testing of wireless devices and base stations. Users have access to 24/7 support for facilitating validation of new product releases and verifying the performance of designs following implementation of new features prior to delivery.

Keysight’s PROPSIM Channel Emulators offer the industry’s widest signal bandwidth and the highest number of fading channels to address complexities associated with the introduction of new technologies for 5G, satellite, aerospace and defense communication systems.

The first-to-market PROPSIM Channel Emulators offer advanced full-stack end-to-end real-world performance testing of wireless devices, network infrastructure equipment and WLAN access points in a laboratory environment.

  • Dynamic multipath propagation
  • Range pathloss and blocking effects
  • Doppler from mobility and multipaths
  • Noise and synchronous programmable interference

Versatile and easy-to-use Channel Emulator tools enable users to test across a wide range of technologies, including:

  • 5G NR
  • LTE Advanced
  • WLAN 802.11ax
  • Massive MIMO and 3D Beamforming

The PROPSIM Channel Emulation Solutions address several applications, including:

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