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Refurbished and Used Equipment

Lower prices. Keysight quality.

  • Keysight Premium Used refurbished equipment offers “like new” performance and appearance at savings from 20%-50% off the list price.
  • All our refurbished equipment is sold calibrated.
  • Keysight Used equipment is available for immediate purchase 24/7 at the Keysight Store on eBay
  • Keysight Premium Used (Refurbished) Keysight Premium Used (Refurbished) 

    Keysight Premium Used (Refurbished)

    Save on your purchase by buying refurbished equipment. Premium used equipment is remanufactured to the same standards as new equipment and includes the same warranty options.

  • Keysight Store on eBay Keysight Store on eBay 

    Keysight Store on eBay

    Reduce cost of test with easy to access used equipment refurbished by Keysight