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Test Asset Optimization Services

See. Know. Optimize.

Improve your return on your test investment by managing test assets and their total cost of ownership (TCO). Our array of people, processes, and tools will help you optimize the tradeoffs that affect TCO with real-time test-asset utilization and health data and analysis.

Take 3 steps to improve your return on your test investment

  1. Follow a disciplined process to document and manage all your test assets. Use active and passive technologies to locate individual units and sustain their compliance and availability with Track and Control Services.
  2. Monitor true utilization and health data based on advanced machine-learning to increase test asset usage and decrease cost of test (CapEx and OpEx) with Utilization and Health Services.
  3. Loan and share test assets through a central pool of your under-used test assets and identify instruments for trade-in, upgrade, or disposal with Loan Pool Services.

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