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CX3300A Series Sensor Options

These dedicated accessories for the CX3300 series of Device Current Waveform Analyzers consist of 4 types of Current Sensors (CX1101A, CX1102A, CX1103A and CX1104A), a Differential Sensor (CX1105A), CX1151A Passive Probe Interface Adapter and CX1152A Digital Channel. These accessories provide measurement capabilities for both current and analog/digital voltage waveforms. The current and differential sensors are key accessories for the CX3300 series, enabling dynamic current measurements up to 200 MHz and from 100 pA level to 100 A. The CX1151A allows a regular passive oscilloscope probe to measure voltage waveforms with the CX3300 series mainframe. The CX1152A is an accessory for the CX3324A mainframe and is used for 8-channel digital trigger with the 10 MΩ input impedance to minimize the leak current to probe.

For more information about waveform analyzer, please visit Device Current Waveform Analyzer.

  • Current and Voltage Sensors Current and Voltage Sensors 

    Current and Voltage Sensors

    • Dynamic current measurement from 150 pA to 100 A
    • 4 unique current sensors and a non-intrusive differential sensor
    • Maximum bandwidth: 200 MHz
    • Up to +/-40 V common mode voltage

  • Resistive Sensor Heads Resistive Sensor Heads 

    Resistive Sensor Heads

    • Dedicated accessories for the CX1104A Selectable Shunt Current Sensor
    • Different value of 6 shunt resistors
    • Each shunt resistor is calibrated at Keysight.
    • Enables up to 15 A and 20 MHz bandwidth measurement with CX1104A

  • Sensor Heads Sensor Heads 

    Sensor Heads

    • Dedicated accessories for CX1101 and CX1102 Current Sensors
      Coaxial type wideband and low noise connection
      Easy-to-use test lead and twisted pair connection
      Enables up to 10 A dynamic current measurement


  • Other Accessories Other Accessories 

    Other Accessories

    • Other accessories for the CX3300 series
    • Rack mount kit
    • Attachment for 3D probe positioner

  • CX1152A Digital Channel, 10 MΩ Input, ±25 V, 8 Channel CX1152A Digital Channel, 10 MΩ Input, ±25 V, 8 Channel 

    CX1152A Digital Channel, 10 MΩ Input, ±25 V, 8 Channel

    • 8-channel digital trigger for CX3324A Device Current Waveform Analyzer
    • Input impedance: 10 MΩ
    • Input dynamic range: ±25 V
    • Maximum input voltage: ±40 V