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  • GPIB, USB, Accessories, Racks GPIB, USB, Accessories, Racks 

    GPIB, USB, Accessories, Racks

    • Microwave and general-purpose test accessories, cabinets, cables, rackmount kits

  • Network Analyzer Accessories Network Analyzer Accessories 

    Network Analyzer Accessories

    • Calibration kits
    • Verification kits
    • Multiport test sets
    • Probes and cables
    • And more

  • Oscilloscope Accessories Oscilloscope Accessories 

    Oscilloscope Accessories

    • Accessories for your oscilloscope
    • Carrying cases, rackmount kits, and more

  • Oscilloscope Probes Oscilloscope Probes 

    Oscilloscope Probes

    • Passive probes
    • Single-ended active probes
    • Differential active probes
    • Current probes
    • Power rail probes
    • Optical probe

  • Signal Generator Accessories Signal Generator Accessories 

    Signal Generator Accessories

    • Millimeter-Wave Accessories for the PSG Signal Generator
    • Distribution Networks for PSG Signal Generators

  • Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories 

    Spectrum Analyzers - Accessories

    • Accessories for your Keysight spectrum analyzers
    • Available as a post-purchase upgrade

  • Digital Multimeter Accessories Digital Multimeter Accessories 

    Digital Multimeter Accessories

    Accessories for digital multimeters including deluxe test lead sets, temperature probes, current shunts, high voltage probes...

  • N5256BW12 VNA Frequency Extension Module, 60 to 90 GHz N5256BW12 VNA Frequency Extension Module, 60 to 90 GHz 

    N5256BW12 VNA Frequency Extension Module, 60 to 90 GHz

    • Frequency extension module, 60 to 90 GHz, (E-band, WR12)
    • Use with PNA and PNA-X vector network analyzers
    • Supplied by OML