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HeatWave Electro-Thermal Analysis Software

Keysight's HeatWave Electro-Thermal Analysis Software is an IC thermal simulator for chips, and stacked-die SiP. HeatWave computes the full-chip temperature profile at the spatial resolution of your devices and interconnects, and annotates this data into your circuit simulator, making your simulation results temperature-accurate. Because the geometric features of power sources and heat conduction paths inside a chip are at the submicron scale, the thermal modeling and numerical solution techniques have to be commensurate with such feature sizes. The simulation results are 3-dimensional temperature profiles with the necessary resolution and accuracy. HeatWave works with several IC design tools, including Cadence Virtuoso. A version of the HeatWave solver is also available in Advanced Design System (ADS) for RFIC and MMIC applications. For more information, refer to the ADS Electro-Thermal Simulator Element.

Key Benefits of HeatWave

  • HeatWave enables your circuit simulator to show how temperature affects your circuit’s performance, helping you to neutralize adverse temperature effects before committing to fabrication.
  • By providing the accurate operational temperature profile within the IC, HeatWave reveals hotspots and excessive temperature variations in precision circuitry.
  • HeatWave enhances your ability to detect reliability and wear out/lifetime issues, using accurate and realistic temperature data.

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