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PXI Signal Analyzer

A signal analyzer combines swept-tuned spectrum analysis to maximize dynamic range for out-of-band distortion and vector signal analysis to accurately measure in-channel distortion. This combination allows for accurately measuring frequency, amplitude, spurious, phase noise and modulation analysis of communication signals without sacrificing dynamic range and speed.

If you are primarily making in-channel measurements, you might be interested in PXI vector signal analyzers, which are optimized for fast measurements of known signals.

We have expanded the X-Series signal analyzers with the CXA-m, a PXIe signal analyzer that offers fully specified performance up to 26.5 GHz. It lets you handle RF and microwave signals in four slots, and you can leverage your existing code. Choose the Keysight CXA-m signal analyzer and deploy a smaller microwave footprint.

Leverage the overall benefits of the Keysight X-Series

  • Deliver consistent, repeatable results with identical measurement applications across all X-Series signal analyzers
  • Ensure seamless transitions from R&D to manufacturing and maintenance with universal X-Series control code, applications, functions and graphical user interface
  • Minimize the learning curve with the familiar, easy-to-use interface

For a complete list of PXI instruments, please visit Keysight PXI Instrument pages.

  • M9260A PXIe Audio Analyzer M9260A PXIe Audio Analyzer 

    M9260A PXIe Audio Analyzer

    The Keysight M9260A is designed for fast and performance audio test. It offers

    • Fast audio test speed
    • Pure audio signal generation
    • High performance audio measurement.
    • Easy-of-use for audio tests

  • M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz 

    M9290A CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz

    • 10 Hz to 3, 7.5, 13.6, or 26.5 GHz
    • Up to 25 MHz analysis bandwidth
    • Selectable swept and FFT modes
    • General purpose measurement applications