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Vector Signal Analyzer

Choose from a selection of vector signal analyzer (VSA) products from 9 kHz to 27 GHz with up to 250 MHz analysis bandwidth for your vector signal analysis measurements.

Keysight's vector signal analyzers combine superheterodyne technology with high speed ADCs and other DSP technologies to provide fast FFT-based, high-resolution in-channel spectrum measurements, demodulation, and advanced time-domain analysis. A vector signal analyzer is especially useful for characterizing complex burst, transient, or modulated signals in aerospace & defense, radar, wireless communications, and avionics.

Combine your vector signal analyzer with X-Series measurement applications or 89600 VSA software to demodulate and characterize a broad range of standard-based and general-purpose digital signals and formats. Extend the capability to out-of-band distortion measurements such as harmonics and spurs with the 89600 VSA software’s spectrum analysis option.

For measurements of multi-channel devices or for parallel test, easily combine modular vector signal analyzers to create multi-channel or MIMO solutions.

If you need to make both in-band and out-of-band measurements for both known and unknown signals, you might also be interested in spectrum analyzers (signal analyzers).

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Vector Signal Analyzers [Discontinued]
Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete Vector Signal Analyzers

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