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Advanced Model Analysis -- Layout Dependent Effects Model Validation Software

Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) performs model validation and analysis functions related to layout dependent effects (LDEs) in the cutting-edge process technologies. It is the solution for co-validation of SPICE models and LVS decks. AMA integrates a complete flow including layout generation, layout extraction, SPICE simulation, data analysis and reporting.

Key Benefits of AMA

  • Built-in layout generator based on SKILL language
  • Powerful graphics and analysis function
  • Open interface to support popular physical verification tools and SPICE simulators
  • All blocks are independent and driven by simple rule files
  • Expandable to process design kit (PDK) validation

Learn about AMA

  • W8650EP AMA Platform [Obsolete] W8650EP AMA Platform [Obsolete] 

    W8650EP AMA Platform [Obsolete]

    The Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) Platform software perpetual license.