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Smart Harmonic Mixers

Keysight smart mixers are used to extend the operating frequencies of the EXA, PXA, MXA, and UXA signal analyzers up to 110 GHz for millimeter-wave applications.

These smart mixers use a simple USB plug-and-play connection which can automatically configure the signal analyzer for the specific mixer connected, including downloading conversion loss data and automatically compensate for local oscillator path loss. Therefore, it provides you with the most efficient test setup, shortening the overall start up operations with better performance with its embedded smart features when used with Keysight EXA, PXA, MXA, and UXA signal analyzers.

Break yourself free from conventional measurement practices and go smart with harmonic mixing.

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M1971E, M1971V, M1971W Waveguide Harmonic Mixers 3D Model, STEP format
This is STEP format 3D Model of the M1971E, M1971V, M1971W

Technical Overview 2018-09-12

M1970 Series Harmonic Mixer User's Guide
This manual provides documentation for use with X-series Signal Analyzers (option EXM); operation, troubleshooting and maintenance and specifications for M1970V/W.

User Manual 2017-08-11

[Automotive Radar] 24, 76, and 79 GHz Band Tx/Rx and Components Evaluation
For design verification of millimeter wave collision avoidance radar with high resolution and wide viewing angle

Brochure 2016-12-28

Waveguide Harmonic Mixers M1971E/V/W - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the M1971E/V/W waveguide harmonic mixers features, benefits, and specifications.

Technical Overview 2016-09-14

Waveguide Harmonic Mixers M1971E/V/W - User' Guide
This manual provides documentation for use with X-series Signal Analyzers ; operation, troubleshooting and maintenance and specifications for M1971E/V/W Harmonic Mixer

User Manual 2015-06-30

Why Migrate to the Keysight M1970 Series Smart Mixers? - Technical Overview
Get the best high frequency measurement performance from your PXA with an M1970 Series smart mixer. Together, smart mixers and the PXA give you clearer insight into your millimeter wave designs.

Technical Overview 2014-09-26

Waveguide Harmonic Mixers, M1970E/V/W 50 GHz to 110 GHz
This technical overview describes Keysight's M1970E/V/W waveguide harmonic mixers (smart mixers). Specifications and ordering information are included.

Technical Overview 2013-05-01

Microwave and Millimeter Signal Measurements: Tools and Best Practices Application Note
Accurate microwave and millimeter frequency signal measurements are important in many applications. This note will help you make the right choices and steps to get accurate, reliable measurements.

Application Note 2012-04-26