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Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator

Momentum is the leading 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit modeling and analysis. It accepts arbitrary design geometries (including multi-layer structures) and uses frequency-domain Method of Moments (MoM) technology to accurately simulate complex EM effects including coupling and parasitics. Accurate momentum EM software enables RF/MMIC designers, RF/High-Speed Board Designers, RF Module/SiP Designers and Antenna Designers to improve design performance and increase confidence that their manufactured products will meet specs.

Momentum EM software is integrated in RFPro, Advanced Design System (ADS), Genesys and Cadence Virtuoso for effortless setup of EM-circuit cosimulation to analyze the effects of physical layout on circuit performance. Through ADS ODB++ links, PCB tools such as Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition and Zuken can also access Momentum to analyze the RF portion of a larger PCB layout.

Key Benefits of Momentum EM Software

  • Combines full-wave and quasi-static EM solvers for RF passives, high-frequency interconnects and parasitic modeling
  • Efficient meshing, adaptive frequency sampling and threaded NlogN solver which reduces simulation time
  • Able to simulate complex EM effects including skin effect, substrate effect, thick metals and multiple dielectrics
  • Integrated in RFPro, ADS, Genesys and Cadence Virtuoso for effortless setup of EM-Circuit co-simulation

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