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PXI Oscilloscopes & Digitizers

Keysight digitizers are analog-to-digital converter versatile cards based on a modular architecture. Keysight's offering of PXI digitizers includes: PXIe Wideband Digitizers and PXIe Isolated Digitizers.

PXIe Wideband Digitizers

Keysight's wideband digitizers can run at 3.2 GS/s, with up to 2 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth. They feature a Xilinx® Virtex-6 FPGA that can implement different functionalities depending on which firmware option is selected.

PXIe Isolated Digitizers

Keysight's isolated digitizers have 2 isolated input channels that support an input range from 250 mV up to ±256V, and a sampling rate of 20 MSa/s with 16-bit resolution. The isolated digitizer can store 32 MSa/per channel, with a segmented memory capability of up to 1024 records, which allows for multiple bursts of data without the need for re-initialization.

PXIe Oscilloscopes

Keysight's PXIe oscilloscopes are not just a digitizer with an oscilloscope SFP (soft front panel). The InfiniiVision PXIe modular oscilloscopes utilize Keysight’s InfiniiVision benchtop oscilloscope technology and packages it for PXI. They support bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1 GHz, have 2 analog channels, and feature a fast 5 GSa/s sample rate.

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