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Customized Product Solutions

Keysight Technologies, Customized Product Solutions department is an organization whose sole purpose is to customize and create unique and specialized modifications for existing Keysight Technologies instrumentation. These options range from relocating a front panel connector to the rear panel of the instrument to designing completely new model option instrumentation to achieve your application requirements. The engineers and staff of the Customized Product Solutions department work in conjunction with standard R&D and manufacturing organizations to leverage proven processes and designs. This collaboration allows for faster development, prototyping, manufacturing and test, while ensuring that these unique designs will be fully supported.

Customized Product Solutions is an extremely successful part of Keysight Technologies, satisfying customers for decades. Not all modification or enhancements can be accomplished; however, let our team of engineers evaluate the request and possibly suggest alternative solutions to your requirement. Contact your local Keysight Sales representative to begin the process.

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