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VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators

With Keysight Technologies' waveform generators, you can create a wide range of test signals including stimulating heartbeats and vibrations.

Keysight's Arbitrary Function and Waveform generators provide standard built-in waveforms plus the ability to create complex, arbitrary waveforms

The Keysight E1441A Arbitrary Waveform Generator:

  • C-size, 1-slot, message- based VXI module
  • Uses direct digital synthesis to deliver outstanding functionality at a price far below comparable, rival arbitrary function generators.

The Keysight E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator:

  • C-size, one-slot, message-based VXI module
  • Provides the flexibility to produce virtually any waveform needed 

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  • E1441A Arbitrary Waveform Generator [Discontinued] E1441A Arbitrary Waveform Generator [Discontinued] 

    E1441A Arbitrary Waveform Generator [Discontinued]

    The Keysight E1441A is a C-size, 1-slot, message- based VXI module.

  • E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator 

    E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator

    The E1445A is a C-size, one-slot, message-based VXI module.