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VXI Products

VXI bus is an established standard with many years of success. With Keysight Technologies´ large portfolio of full-featured instrument quality VXI measurement modules, you can quickly develop systems for a broad range of applications and measurement domains such as DC, Analog, RF and microwave.

Keysight's open industry software and I/O standards take the hassle out of creating test code and lower the true cost of test. Our world-class measurement expertise and support will help you deliver accurate results in a hurry.


  • Measurements modules ( Digitizers, Digital Multimeters (DMM), Counters, power meters)
  • Stimulus modules ( Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), D/A converters)
  • Scalable, high density switches for up to 3000 channels


  • Data Acquisition (DAQ)
  • Automated Test
  • Control Applications

Related Products & Solutions

  • no image available VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators 

    VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Keysight's Arbitrary Function and Waveform generators provide standard built-in waveforms plus the ability to create complex, arbitrary waveforms

  • no image available VXI D/A Converters 

    VXI D/A Converters

    Keysight's digital to analog converters provide multiple voltage and current output channels. There are two cards to chose from, a B-size and a C-size.

  • no image available VXI Oscilloscopes & Digitizers [Discontinued] 

    VXI Oscilloscopes & Digitizers [Discontinued]

    Keysight’s VXI/VME Digitizers include high speed digitizers and complete Signal Survey and Intercept systems.

  • no image available VXI Digital IO Modules 

    VXI Digital IO Modules

    Keysight’s VXI modular digital I/O modules are available from 16-bit to 96-bit including a 72-channel digital output/relay driver.

  • no image available VXI Frequency Counters 

    VXI Frequency Counters

    Keysight’s VXI modular Counters include modules to 1GHz in B and C-size

  • no image available VXI Mainframes & Controllers 

    VXI Mainframes & Controllers

    Keysight’s VXI Mainframes and controllers include both B and C-size mainframes and I/O products to connect your computer to your VXI mainframe.

  • no image available VXI Modular Digital Multimeters 

    VXI Modular Digital Multimeters

    Keysight’s VXI modular DMMs include 5.5 digit models in B and C-size, 6.5 digit model in C-size.

  • no image available Accessories & Options for VXI Products 

    Accessories & Options for VXI Products

    Keysight VXI adapters for mounting A/B-size modules in a C-size VXI mainframe.

  • no image available VXI Data Acquisition Modules 

    VXI Data Acquisition Modules

    Keysight’s VXI Data Acquisition Modules provide a range of switching solutions from DC to microwave with multiple switch topologies.

VXIbus Products [Discontinued]
Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete VXIbus products.