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USB Products

Easily arrange and rearrange your test systems.

Keysight´s compact USB modular products are a series of modules that are flexible to be used standalone or plugged into a compatible chassis to make synchronized measurements as a modular unit. Essential measurements can be made with a laptop PC and these modules through USB high-speed 2.0 connections. Through individual windows, the Keysight Measurement Manager (AMM) software provides a friendly soft front-panel interface for each of the modular products. This helps to perform quick configuration and measurement acquisition as well as flexible analysis of measured data.

  • Portable compact modules
  • Simple USB setup
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Flexible expansion of channels
  • Multiple synchronized measurements

  • USB Data Acquisition Modules USB Data Acquisition Modules 

    USB Data Acquisition Modules

    This family of DAQ products consisting of DIO, Multifunction DAQ, Simultaneous Multifunction DAQ gives you the choice and flexibility to create standalone or modular solutions that expand and evolve according to your test requirement needs.

  • USB Digital Multimeters USB Digital Multimeters 

    USB Digital Multimeters

    A small form factor USB modular digital multimeter with huge capabilities. It provides a broad range of measurement functions, including temperature and frequency.

  • USB Signal Conditioning Products USB Signal Conditioning Products 

    USB Signal Conditioning Products

    The module is a thermocouple input signal conditioner device that functions to convert low input voltage signal from a thermocouple into a suitable output voltage range for the data acquisition device

  • USB Source Measure Units USB Source Measure Units 

    USB Source Measure Units

    3-channel 20V/120mA USB source measure units that can operate in a 4-quadrant operation.

  • USB Arbitrary Waveform Generators USB Arbitrary Waveform Generators 

    USB Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    The USB function generator offers 10 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms generation capabilities.

  • USB Digital IO Modules USB Digital IO Modules 

    USB Digital IO Modules

    Cost-effective USB digital I/O that provides 64-bit of high-density opto-isolated digital lines.

  • USB D/A Converters USB D/A Converters 

    USB D/A Converters

    The USB function generator offers 10 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms generation capabilities.

  • USB Economy Oscilloscopes & Digitizers USB Economy Oscilloscopes & Digitizers 

    USB Economy Oscilloscopes & Digitizers

    The USB digitizers offer a bench-top stand-alone solution to multi-channel data acquisition that provides the ability to acquire, measure and analyze data from electrical, mechanical, physical and acoustical phenomena quickly and easily.

  • USB Mainframes & Controllers USB Mainframes & Controllers 

    USB Mainframes & Controllers

    USB modular product chassis is a high-performance 4U high chassis used to house up to 6 USB modular products.

  • Accessories & Options for USB Modular Products Accessories & Options for USB Modular Products 

    Accessories & Options for USB Modular Products

    Optional accessories that complements the USB modular products

USB Products [Discontinued]
Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete USB products.