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AXIe Products

The AXIe is an open standard, that leverages from existing standards from ATCA, PXI, LXI and IVI, with high performance per rack inch and added features including timing, triggering, and module-to-module data movement features that are important to the implementation of high-performance test and measurement systems.

AXIe is an ideal complement to the LXI and PXI standards. It includes PCIe and LAN interfaces, so that AXIe instruments can act like virtual PXI or LXI instruments.

The AXIe product portfolio includes mainframes and controller, as well as new modules that offer leading performance in their categories: High-Performance BERTS, High-Speed Digitizers, High-Analysis modules, Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG), Chassis & Controllers.

Industry Recognition


  • AXIe M8000 Series AXIe M8000 Series 

    AXIe M8000 Series

    • Highly integrated BERT
    • Scalable and expandable
    • Accurate and reliable results

  • AXIe Oscilloscopes & Digitizers AXIe Oscilloscopes & Digitizers 

    AXIe Oscilloscopes & Digitizers

    High-speed digitizers in AXIe format. The AXIe platform offers size, power and cooling capabilities for the best measurement fidelity and channel density

  • AXIe Logic Analysis & Protocol Test Modules AXIe Logic Analysis & Protocol Test Modules 

    AXIe Logic Analysis & Protocol Test Modules

    High performance logic analysis and protocol test in a single platform

  • AXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators AXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators 

    AXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Keysight AXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators deliver simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth along with industry-leading spurious-free dynamic range and very low harmonic distortion.

  • AXIe Chassis & Controllers AXIe Chassis & Controllers 

    AXIe Chassis & Controllers

    Build high-performance AXIe test systems by starting with Keysight AXIe chassis and controllers.

  • Accessories & options for AXIe products Accessories & options for AXIe products 

    Accessories & options for AXIe products

    • Equip your AXIe products with high quality accessories

  • M8290A Optical Modulation Analyzer and High-speed Digitizer Test Solution M8290A Optical Modulation Analyzer and High-speed Digitizer Test Solution 

    M8290A Optical Modulation Analyzer and High-speed Digitizer Test Solution

    • Compact and flexible AXIe modular form factor
    • 74 Gbaud maximum symbol rate
    • 83 to 92 GSa/s sample rate
    • 512k samples maximum record length
    • 8 bit ADC resolution

AXIe Products & Systems [Discontinued]
Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete AXIe products and systems