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Modular Instrument

 Modular Instruments - PXI and AXIe

Keysight Modular. Unrivaled Performance. Half the Time to Insight.

For more than 75 years, Keysight has been unlocking measurement insights. Along the way, we’ve been creating industry-leading test equipment in the shapes and sizes our customers need: full-size bench top, small bench top, handheld, and modular.

Today, we’re putting our unrivaled performance—and consistent measurement science—into the RF, microwave and high-speed digital instruments in a modular portfolio. To provide time-saving starting points for test system creation, we’re documenting modular Reference Solutions that address specific application areas that range from power amplifier testing to satellite signal monitoring. Keysight’s modular solutions help you tackle your toughest RF, microwave and digital challenges by delivering unrivaled PXI and AXIe performance. Our foundation is the industry’s most accurate measurement science, giving you maximum confidence to achieve your first, best measurement and insight into what’s next. Our modular hardware innovations are focused in two specific forms: PXI and AXIe. 

PXI Modular Instruments

PXI is an open, multi-vendor standard governed by the PXI systems alliance, that ensures interoperability of modules and chassis from different vendors.
The PXIe backplane bus leverages PCI Express® technology, greatly increasing test speed and reducing latency, especially for data and transaction intensive test applications. The bus also enables scalability of the system as test needs change. And PXI can also be integrated into an existing test system of benchtop or AXIe instruments.

AXIe Modular Instruments

AXIe is a next-generation open standard based on Advance Telecom Computing Architecture. By increasing the power and headroom available to each slot, higher performance modules have been developed with faster switching speeds, larger power draws and more complex measurement architectures.

An augmented local bus, providing communication and synchronization between slots, facilitates complex multi-instrument configurations, data storage and co-processing. As a result, AXIe instruments provide timing, triggering, and module-to-module data movement features for highperformance test and measurement systems used in aerospace defense, high-energy physics, semiconductor test and other industries. AXIe products use horizontal configurations for minimal rack space and vertical for larger systems. The chassis and modules compliment benchtop and PXI products and include PCIe and LAN interfaces that allow them to act like virtual PXI or benchtop instruments.

Keysight’s three-year standard warranty—worldwide—is our commitment to superior product quality. Our multi-vendor One-Stop Calibration and uptime services ensure the ongoing accuracy, performance and availability of your instruments.

In every form factor, our goal is to deliver the performance your teams need to stay on the leading edge in your industry.

3 years warranty

Keysight Modular Instruments Solution Winning Award (2016 and 2014)

  • PXI Products PXI Products 

    PXI Products

    • Get you to first PXI based measurement insight faster with the industry’s most accurate measurement science
    • Tackle your toughest RF/MW and Digital test and measurement challenges
    • Leverage from proven measurement algorithms

  • AXIe Products AXIe Products 

    AXIe Products

    AXIe modular systems, including chassis and measurement modules

  • Data Acquisition – DAQ Data Acquisition – DAQ 

    Data Acquisition – DAQ

    • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
    • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and VXI solutions
    • Use the Free Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

  • PCIe Digitizers + Related Products PCIe Digitizers + Related Products 

    PCIe Digitizers + Related Products

    • Unique technology using proprietary ICs
    • On-board real-time signal processing with FPGAs
    • Various Firmware and Applications options available
    • PCIe digitizers can be designed-in as OEM components

  • USB Products USB Products 

    USB Products

    USB-based small form factor and flexible test instruments consists of oscilloscopes, function generator, source measure unit, switch matrix and a series of data acquisition.

  • VXI Products VXI Products 

    VXI Products

    Keysight offers varienty VXI instruments, including VXIbus mainframes and measurement modules, sources, switches, interfaces.

  • Reference Solutions Reference Solutions 

    Reference Solutions

    As you seek solutions to evolving test challenges, Keysight is ready to help by sharing its expertise in measurements, PXI modular instrumentation and test automation.