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Utility Card: Boundary Scan Applications

Utility Card: Boundary Scan Applications

With the Keysight utility card, you can integrate boundary scan plug-in solutions into the i3070 or 3070 testhead*.

This new feature allows customers to leverage boundary scan solutions that have been developed at R&D and NPI stages into the manufacturing environment. This reduces engineering effort to redevelop tests.

Using the boundary scan plug-in card on the Utility Card, the developed boundary scan test can be integrated into the ICT testplan quickly and easily to increase test coverage.

* Customers who are currently using the existing i3070 or 3070 series of testers on software versions earlier than 08.00p can enjoy the full capabilities of the Series 5 utility card by upgrading their hardware and software. For more information, please contact us.

  • N1807A-001 Utility Card N1807A-001 Utility Card 

    N1807A-001 Utility Card

    The utility card allows you to plug in your own custom electronics for added functional test or functionality during ICT

  • UCM3070 Boundary Scan Solution UCM3070 Boundary Scan Solution 

    UCM3070 Boundary Scan Solution

    UCM3070 enables Goepel’s Boundary Scan Test with 2 TAPs, 8 PIPs for faster flash programming and optional analog channels. The module is based on Scanbooster architecture for TCK up to 16 Mhz