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Source Measure Unit

Source Measure Unit from Keysight


Basic to High-End Source Measure Unit (SMU)

A Source Measure Unit, or SMU, is a source and measurement resource for test applications requiring high accuracy, high resolution and measurement flexibility. SMUs are sometimes also referred to as source monitor units. An SMU can precisely force voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current.

Keysight Technologies is the leader in the Source / Measure and Source / Monitor Unit (SMU) market. Keysight provides a wide range of SMU products, which are categorized into four areas: Precision, Application Specific, General-Purpose, and Basic.

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  • no image available M9111A PXIe High-Speed Source/Measure Unit, 13 V, ± 1 A or 6 V, ± 3 A, 18 W 

    M9111A PXIe High-Speed Source/Measure Unit, 13 V, ± 1 A or 6 V, ± 3 A, 18 W

    • Output ratings: 13V, ± 1A or 6V, ± 3A, 18W
    • High-speed output recovery and low-voltage droop
    • High-speed changes in voltage with fast settling times
    • High-speed, accurate µA leakage current measurement

  • Command Expert Software Command Expert 

    Command Expert

    • Find and perform commands without any programming
    • Generate code for command sequences in C#, VB.NET, C/C++, MATLAB, Python, Excel VBA
    • Use Add-ons that provide easy instrument control in Excel, MATLAB, Python, VEE, SystemVue, LabVIEW, Visual Studio