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Millimeter-wave and Microwave GaAs Multipliers

Keysight Technologies provides MMIC multipliers ideal for microwave radio, aerospace and defense, and instrumentation applications.

These multipliers cover a wide range of frequencies and feature low conversion loss.

These parts are sold exclusively through distribution. Please use the ‘How to Buy’ link to contact your local distributor.

  • 1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler 1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler 

    1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler

    • The 1GG1-8038 is a passive diode frequency doubler
    • It is specified to operate with a 20–50 GHz output frequency
    • Conversion Efficiency: -12 dB Typical
    • 1/2 and 3/2 spurs: 15 dBc Typical
    • Broad Bandwidth, 20–50 GHz Output Frequency

  • 1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler 1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler 

    1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler

    The 1GC1-8048 is a balanced diode frequency doubler consisting of two Schottky diodes and a coplanar balun structure designed to operate with a 40-72 GHz output frequency.