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Millimeter-wave and Microwave GaAs Multipliers

Keysight Technologies provides MMIC multipliers ideal for microwave radio, aerospace and defense, and instrumentation applications.

These multipliers cover a wide range of frequencies and feature low conversion loss.

These parts are sold exclusively through distribution. Please use the ‘How to Buy’ link to contact your local distributor.

For more information about MMIC, please visit MMIC millimeter-wave and microwave devices

  • 1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler 1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler 

    1GC1-8038 20-50 GHz Doubler

    • The 1GG1-8038 is a passive diode frequency doubler
    • It is specified to operate with a 20–50 GHz output frequency
    • Conversion Efficiency: -12 dB Typical
    • 1/2 and 3/2 spurs: 15 dBc Typical
    • Broad Bandwidth, 20–50 GHz Output Frequency

  • 1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler 1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler 

    1GC1-8048 40-72 GHz Doubler

    The 1GC1-8048 is a balanced diode frequency doubler consisting of two Schottky diodes and a coplanar balun structure designed to operate with a 40-72 GHz output frequency.