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RF Probes

Keysight offers an innovative family of RF probes that are engineered for in-circuit test measurement that can be used with signal/spectrum analyzers, signal source analyzers and network analyzers. For use in R&D for wireline and wireless communications, aerospace and defense industries as well as high-speed PCB design and validation work.

With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, measurements can be made while taking advantage of the full dynamic range of Keysight RF analyzers.

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85024A High Frequency Probe User's and Service Guide
85024A High Frequency Probe User's and Service Guide

User Manual 2019-03-06

85024A High Frequency Probe - Technical Overview
This technical overview describes the 85024A high frequency probe. It includes information on applications, spectrum analysis, network analysis, the probe's advanced design, and compatibility with other instruments. Also listed are specifications and accessories.

Technical Overview 2018-10-02

Measuring Frequency Response with E5061B LF Network Analyzer
This application note describes fundamentals on low frequency network analysis by featuring the E5061B LF-RF network analyzer. Here we mainly discuss simple low frequency 2-port device measurements and associated topics.

Application Note 2018-02-22

Active Differential Probes U1818A/B - Technical Overview
Technical overview for U1818A/B that provide high differential input impedance (100 KHz to 7/12 GHz). For users who are involved in wireline, wireless comms, aerospace/defense, high speed PCB design.

Technical Overview 2016-11-02

Download your complimentary RF & Microwave Test Accessories Catalog
This comprehensive resource enables engineers to quickly and conveniently research the highest-quality RF and microwave test accessories in the industry.

Catalog 2015-04-28

U1818A/B 7/12 GHz Active Differential Probes Quick Fact Sheet
This two-page quick fact sheet highlights the key features and specifications for Keysight U1818A/B Active Differential Probes.

Promotional Materials 2012-12-21

U1818A/B Active Differential Probe Operating and Service Manual

Operation Manual 2009-12-01

U1818A/B Active Differential Probe Handling Guide and Tips

Reference Guide 2009-11-17

High frequency probing solutions for time and frequency domain
This application note discusses high-frequency probing using U1818A/B active differential probes with a network, spectrum, and signal source analyzer.

Application Note 2009-09-23

41800A Active Probe Technical Overview

Technical Overview 2003-04-10

Network, Spectrum, and Impedance Evaluation of Electronic Circuits and Components (AN 1308-1)
This Application Note describes how the Keysight 4395A/96B can be used to contribute fast cycle time for electronic circuit/component development.

Application Note 2001-12-19

41800A Active Probe Operation Note
This manual describes basic information needed to use the 41800A. It provides a general information, specifications, installation, operation, performance test, adjustment, and service information.

User Manual 2001-01-01