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EMPro Product Structure & Options Summary

Keysight’s Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) bundles provide designers with pre-configured combinations of software targeted to a specific design workflow. These combinations provide two different Electromagnetic (EM) solver technologies, Finite Element Method (FEM) and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD).

EMPro Bundles

EMPro Bundles are comprised of:

  • W2401BP/BT EMPro Core Environment, which enables you to create and import arbitrary 3D structures, and
  • Simulator Elements, each of which provide specific capabilities
EMPro Bundles & Elements
EMPro Building Blocks W2402BP/BT W2403BP/BT W2404BP/BT
  W2401BP/BT EMPro Core Environment Check Check Check
  W2342EP/ET Keysight FEM Simulator Element Check - Check
  W2405EP/ET Keysight FDTD Simulator Element - Check Check
  W2406EP/ET Compliance Module Element - Check Check
  W2408EP/ET FDTD GT Acceleration Element * * *

* Additional Design Elements such as the W2408EP/ET can be added to an existing bundle to extend the capabilities.

Related Software Products

  • W2342 W2342EP Keysight FEM Simulator Element 

    W2342EP Keysight FEM Simulator Element

    Integration of a full 3D FEM solution into the Advanced Design System (ADS) flow

  • W2342 W2360EP SIPro Signal Integrity EM Analysis Element 

    W2360EP SIPro Signal Integrity EM Analysis Element

    • High-capacity EM simulation for SI analysis of complex PCBs
    • Cohesive workflow for SI & PI Analyses within ADS
    • Innovative composite EM technology delivers both speed & accuracy
    • Focused net-driven use-model specifically for SI/PI

  • W2342 W2359EP PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis Element 

    W2359EP PIPro Power Integrity EM Analysis Element

    • High-capacity EM simulation for PI analysis of complex PCBs
    • One cohesive workflow for PI and SI Analyses within ADS
    • DC IR drop analysis
    • AC PDN impedance analysis
    • Power plane resonance analysis