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The culmination of decades of research and development, the Keysight Nano Indenter systems are the world’s most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for nanoscale mechanical testing. Electromagnetic actuation technology allows the systems to achieve unparalleled dynamic range in force and displacement.

Research Resources

  • U9820A Keysight Nano Indenter G200 U9820A Keysight Nano Indenter G200 

    U9820A Keysight Nano Indenter G200

    • Results compliant with ISO 14577
    • Electromagnetic actuation for unparalleled dynamic range
    • Flexibility, upgradability for repeatable or new applications
    • Dynamic properties characterization via CSM by indent depth

  • Nanoindenter Options Nanoindenter Options 

    Nanoindenter Options

    Options to expand system capabilities and improve ease-of-use

  • Nanoindenter Software Nanoindenter Software 

    Nanoindenter Software

    Software that sets the standard for nanoindentation test and data management.