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Atomic Force Microscope Consumables

Keysight Technologies offers high precision cantilevers and substrates that enable the finest quality data for your research. They include wax-coated STM tips for electrochemistry and ambient STM studies and magnetically coated MAC lever AFM cantilevers that are exclusively manufactured to Keysight's AFM specifications allowing the very highest resolution. Keysight's flame annealed gold mica substrates feature atomically flat terraces and are available in three sizes, extra large, large and small for all scanning probe microscopy applications. We offer a full line of NANOSENSOR Silicon AFM tips designed for demanding applications and a wide variety of needs.

  • All Metal Probes All Metal Probes 

    All Metal Probes

    Keysight offers the platinum iridium probe for its scanning Microwave Microscopy mode

  • Nanosensors AFM Probes Nanosensors AFM Probes 

    Nanosensors AFM Probes

    Keysight offers a full line of Nanosensor AFM cantilevers for most AFM applications.

  • Applied Nanostructure AFM Probes Applied Nanostructure AFM Probes 

    Applied Nanostructure AFM Probes

    Applied nanostructure AFM probes fit most applications.

  • Quick Scan Probes Quick Scan Probes 

    Quick Scan Probes

    These pre-mounted probes are for use with Keysight Technologies Quick Scan Nose Cones.

  • Gold Mica Substrates Gold Mica Substrates 

    Gold Mica Substrates

    Keysight substrates are Au(111) evaporated onto freshly cleaved mica substrates. They are several hundreds of nanometers across with atomically flat terraces.

  • MAC Levers MAC Levers 

    MAC Levers

    MAC Levers with MAC Mode offer the most precise AC mode control available. They provide tremendous benefit when imaging soft samples, especially in fluids.

  • Mounted Probes Mounted Probes 

    Mounted Probes

    Mounted Probes provide probing solutions for general purpose applications.

  • Nano R and R2 Accessories Nano R and R2 Accessories 

    Nano R and R2 Accessories

    Probe clip holders, sample pucks, and other accessories.

  • STM Tips STM Tips 

    STM Tips

    Keysight STM tips are electrochemically etched wax-coated STM tips for working in aqueous fluid and electrochemical applications. All tips are Pt(.8)Ir(.2) wire, .25mm diameter.